I tend to consider myself very observant. So on this certain occasion, I am leaving town. I board the matatu, more like a Noah and sit by the window. A few minutes later, in comes a woman. She is rather old. She has shades of white and black hair on her head. Some time back, I had a problem with how the old people smell but blame it on ageing; I no longer mind it as much. She sits down and sets her bag on her laps. I am about to put on my ear phones when she stands up again. She turns and pulls her dress then sits down. Let me describe her to you. She is in a long yellow flowered dress flowing to the ground. She has worn a pair of long socks and ankle boots. Her bag is rather old. It’s of white leather. After she seats down again I let out a silent sigh. I get ready to put my earphones again but a certain noise stops me. She had opened her bag and popped open a glass bottle of what looked like a blackcurrant. I am very tempted to laugh out loud but I stifle back my laughter. She struggles to find a straw in her back and out comes a wrinkled straw. I want to give her mine but then I think twice. She peels it with her mouth as she holds on tight to her bottle. When she is done, she pops it inside the bottle. The bottle is hidden inside the bag and all that I can see is the straw peeping out. She takes one long sip, gurgles and swallows it with a loud noise. I am trying not to look at her so I put in to action the art of the side glance. I want to ignore her but she does this one thing that makes me burst out so loudly. She removes a polythene bag that has a piece of ugali inside. She bites it and sips on her soda without a worry in the world. I laugh out so loud that people in the car turn to look at me. I pretend that it was a text that made me laugh. My old woman eats it and finishes with a loud belch. She closes her bag, folds her arms and falls asleep that is after telling me to wake her up when we get to where she is alighting. It hits me that one day we shall l get to that point. We shall be very shameless and very little shall make us embarrassed. Myself, I will age gracefully. My dressing shall be unique. Eating ugali in a car? No thank you. I think people need to take care of their grannies. Make sure that whatever she has in her bag is safe to eat and that it is well packed. Remember that one turn deserves another. You too shall have teens laughing at you.



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