She was pretty, polite and very young. A combination of characteristics that is hard to come by in young adults of this century. I am not saying this because she is gone, everyone can attest to this. She was decent and stylish. Come to think of it, she was almost perfect. I never did cross her bad side so I will not say that she was perfect. She had dimples, and long hair. She was wild, I will agree but not even once did I hear of a scandal she was involved in. unlike the famous pretty ladies in campus, she did not mind sitting next to anyone in class. She would not make you wake up from your seat just because you are sitting next to the crowd of her friends. She was the kind to visit you just because she heard you were sick and you are in the same class. She was a model. Her pictures are all over. She had been coming to school when tragedy struck at 4am. She had been seating in the co-driver’s seat when the accident went down. According to the reports, she was badly injured and she was rushed to hospital. She spent the next few days in an induced coma in the ICU. The fellow comrades who went to see her would only come back with sad news. After a few days, we were told that she could now move her limbs. We all waited for the next piece of news we would receive. We were told that she would have to undergo two more surgeries. As I sat in my room going through the whatsapp messages I was relieved that she was doing much better. I only wished we would each take a piece of what she was going through because then she would heal in the snap of fingers. Every day I begged God to spare her life. I kept thinking how young and full of life she was. On that Sunday, I made it to church early enough and got down on my knees giving a special prayer for her. For the first time in that whole period I shed tears. I kept asking God to forgive her and to take away the pain. I prayed that after the surgeries she would be moved to the ward. We began our exams on the following day. As we left the exam room, we were hit by the news that she had passed away. The thing about me, I take some time to load what I am told. It was only after we parted ways with my friend did the thought of this sweet girl come to me. I suddenly realized what I had been told. I did my shopping and made my way to the butchery. As I stood there waiting for the butcher to pack the meat, I saw a woman. I rushed outside to look at her. My heart was racing and my legs shook. I bent and held onto my knees as a dizzy spell took me. I could have sworn I had seen my dead mother. The butcher called out to me and I picked up the meat. I hurriedly walked back to my place. Had I just hallucinated? As I walked, I kept asking God to give me the grace not to question his actions. Sometimes He does things that are beyond us. In my confused state of mind, I found myself feeling mad at this girl. What was her problem? Why couldn’t d she hold on for a while longer. Her parents will never get over this. At her candle lighting, her best friend was hurting. She was crying and you could see that her heart was tearing in to pieces. As I sat there in the night, I debated whether or not to light a candle for her. I have a problem with the dead. I sometimes think they are the most selfish people. They just leave without a warning. We are left unable to figure out how to get past it as they rest in peace. Nevertheless, I lit a candle for her. As I did so, I wished her all the best. I told her to be a good gone soul. I could almost picture her in white garments hovering at us. Sweet girl be at peace. You will be really missed. I can assure you will not be forgotten. In our hearts you shall remain. It will be hard on you family especially but they shall be okay eventually. Do rest in peace now that your work was done according to God. We love you, I love you. Till we meet again.


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