She taped on the share button on her phone and shared her pic on Instagram. She sat in anxiety waiting to see how many likes she would get. Her best friend was the first to like it followed by her cousin. Those were two likes in an hour. Her heart beat fast as she tried to swallow the tears that were threatening to gush out. She switched off her phone for a minute thinking that on switching it on again, she would find more likes. Well she did but only five more. That gave her a total of seven likes in like two hours. She started going through other photos wondering how people hit about 100 or more likes and that was when it dawned on her. The next day she had her neighbor over and she posed for semi- nude photos of herself and voila! She hit 347 likes in an hour. She sat back smiling with satisfaction. As she kept tabs on others, she spotted someone with 704 likes and she was greedy for more. She then realized this one had a skinny boy with a really flat tummy. She started on her dieting. She ate nothing for three days and when the hunger pangs kicked in, she downed a glass of body powder. She would stuff cotton wool inside her with the intention of lying to her stomach. She did indeed loose a few kilos and her tummy showed signs of reducing but she was not satisfied. She wanted a lighter skin and a bigger ass and a bigger bosom. She hit the internet and got to searching for ways. She found a place where she could afford to get some adjustments. Shots of silicon were filled into her ass and into her boobs and she was all new looking like a blessed ‘Luhya’. She bought a few lighteners and her journey bigger. After three months she was all transformed. She could now get over a thousand likes both virtually and physically. In the year that followed trouble came. Her skin started reacting to the UV rays due to lack of melanin. On her large behind popped and she collapsed. The sirens woke me up and together with the neighbors we rushed to see what had happened. We later visited her in hospital after she went through multiple surgeries. To get the cotton wool out of her stomach, the silicon fillings out her butt and boobs. She was doing well and went to counseling sessions but the depression drove her to suicide. It is true that we all want to look beautiful but natural beauty cannot compare to artificial beauty. Those who cannot love you as you are might as well just drop dead. Every time you look into that mirror, you should be happy about what you are looking at. If you are not, who do you blame for it?


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