Hi mom, how is it where you are? I keep wondering what form you took. Are you like dressed in white? Do you walk around earth watching over us? I have so many questions for you. If only where you are has as good technology as here. I would call you almost every night urging you to follow my blog and like my pics on instagram. Sometimes I wonder if you are stalking me and keeping tabs on me. Here on earth, life has really changed. I was forced to grow up overnight. I have made very many mistakes as I tried to find my path. I can tell you it hasn’t been easy. Most times I feel like I don’t belong to anyone. I get so lonely that suicidal thoughts overtake my mind. You were always there whenever I needed you. Dad is not the same anymore. Yes he did re-marry but he has this sadness in his eyes that is quite easy to see. I sometimes cry for him because I have not been there for him. Home is not the same either. There is a new woman in town. Thank God she is nothing like you. We have had both good and bad times with her but I try to be nice. I know you would have wanted me to be nice and to respect her. You should see your house, ha-ha, it is nothing like you ever dreamed of I can assure you. My room is the only room that still holds the memories. Sadly, your lovely wardrobe has a new owner too. Your other children are still pushing on with life. They are all doing okay. Did you know you have a grandson? Yes mom, we now have a boy in the family after so long. Young babies are being born and sometimes I tend to ask myself if I will see you in anyone of them. We have grown very close, all of us. My sisters are taking care of me very well even when I stray, especially your eldest. The firs grand child is already in school, another one is a miss diva while another I all naughty and sweet at the same time. I am doing very well in school finally. I finally settled. Aunty has been there whenever I need her. I am working hard to get that degree that we both dreamt of. I am just really mad at you for leaving before you saw me graduate. Now who do you think will stand in your place by my side? All the plans we made for that day? Anyway, we shall have a bone to chew when I see you again. I will tell you more when I write again. Make sure to drop in on my dreams sometime, I miss our chats. You should not worry yourself about me, I am a woman now and I will do you proud. Pass my love to your now soul friends. Oh and BTW, I borrowed you black skirt and your red coat; you know the pretty one that you used to love wearing? I re-sized them and I trend in them now. I miss you so much. I would have my tattoo removed if that old give me a chance to see you again. I love you so much ma.
Your little bird.


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