I am the open minded part of the society. The part that believes that we are living in a genderless society. I don’t believe in coincidences but this was an incident that struck me as very interesting. i joined my fellow comrades in boarding a matatu to town. i carried a novel because my school several kilometers away from town. So i get comfortable next to the driver and sit staring at the bodaboda people, thoughtlessly. After having paid my fare, a woman takes the driver’s seat. Am not all that concerned until she starts screaming obscene things in Kalenjin.well am not a Kalenjin but having lived with them, i have picked up a few words. She is shouting at a man to get his ugly bottoms out of her way. it is only when we hit the road do i realize that she is the driver. it is a common idiosyncrasy that women never drive at a speed higher than 50km/hr. my friend, this one must have been driving at around 200km/hr. because i could have sworn that the wind was for a moment surprised too. When i alighted, i had to first sit down and let my heart relax after which i started walking towards the mall. As i was leaving the main stage, there was a woman yelling for passengers and scrambling for them to board her matatu. I actually stood to look at her awed, almost admiring her were it not for the bit about hooliganism. I walk away shaking my head thinking to myself, how did life get so interesting. I was meeting my friend from the west for lunch .as i got to the mall, a car caught my eye. It is not very common to see hummers being driven around in town. I am about to tear my gaze away when the door opens and out steps a woman. She is wearing a pair of sunglasses and a big floppy summer hat. I almost let out a loud ‘TF’. She was the least bit concerned about the attention she was attracting. She locks the door and sways her hips into the mall. By Jove, i have never seen this before. I realize am staring and hurriedly walk to the mall. I see my friend seated in a booth and i join her. As we are having our chit chat and sipping away the milk shakes, the same woman catches my eye. She is seated at a booth alone, smoking a cigar, did i say a cigar? Blowing smoke into the air like those big-bellied men who feel that they own the world. She is also seeping away some whiskey, i could this from the color. I point this out to my friend who also joins me in staring at this 21st centenarian this point; i got to reflect on the notion about being miss independent. What could be causing this? Some could reason that it is the kind of men we have in the society. The lying, cheating irresponsible bastards that the world has reduced the men to be or it could the women education and rights that has got them thinking that they run the world. It is sad that we no longer have men or women. Just males and females. This is because the males have now taken up the women roles; gay men, men dating cougars, males forced to act like mothers to their children and on the other hand we have the women taking up the man roles; she males, politicians and the likes. Something that women need to understand is that as much as they keep up with this charade they can never ejaculate and men as much as they act like women they can never carry babies inside my opinion people need to go back to the drawing board to learn what their roles are. I am worried that come next century, i will have a problem distinguishing a male from a female. Who knows, there shall be some scientific experiment on how women can grow balls.


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