I recently saw a picture, that caught my attention. It was pointing out that in life we go through four bottles. The milk bottle, a bottle of soda, a bottle of beer and eventually the other saline bottle. This picture got me thinking, this is exactly how life is basically. When you are born, life is quite easy. Everything is handed to you. You have very little to worry about other than finishing your homework, making sure you carry a handkerchief to school and probably how you will celebrate important days in your life. you enter teenage, where you are introduced to the bottle of soda. At this stage, you are like gas enclosed in a container waiting to gush out and cause mayhem and be heard. It is at this stage in life when ‘unamea pembe’. Luckily this is a short period. You still have very little to worry about; what to wear, the red visitors, the body changes, being cool, knowing the coolest trending dance moves and all that. Without realizing it, you enter one the toughest stage yet, he young adult. It is at this point you are introduced to the bottle of beer legally. One struggles to make the transition from teenage to maturity. Feelings of responsibility kick in. all you want to do is break away from your parents and start a life. The lessons and the mistakes made can either make or break you. The question of ‘how did life get so complicated?’ runs in your mind. Slowly you usher in adulthood and it is only when children are at your doorstep do you realize that life is passing by you. Most people start doing ‘fun’ things claiming that they are trying to re-live what had passed by them. Just like that you near your final bottle. At this point, some are regretting and some are smiling and feeling proud of themselves as the saline drip runs in their veins. This is generally speaking. There are exceptions and accidents that happen in between nevertheless; this made me realize that life is not as complicate. Everything is what we choose it to be. I call it the free-will.


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